be or not to be

After collecting some opinions from various sites, I am going to consider anyone born in 1984 or after a millennial. What is a millennial you ask? Well the Webster dictionary defines it as a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century, but society defines it as an entitled brat, who lives in their parent’s basement until they’re thirty years old.

So, let’s first discuss the latter of the two definitions first. Many people, especially those of the infamous generation x, consider millennials lazy, entitled, spoiled, computer geeks. They think millennials have poor work ethic, don’t value education, and are ungrateful brats who want everything handed to them on a gold platter.

Well generation x, have you ever thought about the fact that most millennials are products of you. That’s right, a lot of millennials were conceived, birth, and raised by generation x. So, you all are the ones handing over that gold platter. Now I’m not placing blame, but did you ever stop to think that poor parenting could be part of the problem, and the only way to fix the problem is to be a part of the solution.

So, I say to you, raise your kids to be hard working and not lazy, to be confident and not conceited, to know the value of a dollar. Teach your children to be respectful and modest. To value education and how to never take anything for granted. Instill in them values and virtues. Teach them if they want something off that gold platter, they have to be strong, independent, young adults and go get it.

Millennials are also shamed for being “addicted to technology”(that too, starts at home; limit your child’s screen time). But honestly it’s time to accept the fact that technology is here to stay. Social media, video games, apps, and computers aren’t going anywhere. I mean, it’s the way of the future. Technology will only evolve and advance more and more as time goes on. That isn’t millennials fault, it’s simply the way things are, might as well embrace it.

So, with that being said, let’s look at the Webster definition of a millennial quickly, a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. While although it’s vague. it’s most accurate. Millennials are still figuring out this whole “life thing”. We don’t have it all together and we’re not perfect. Just like any other generation, we have our downfalls and grey areas. Generation x needs to realize that it’s a new day and age. What worked for them, may not work for us. No, we’re not as outdoorsy, and we don’t start working at twelve. Yes we lean on our parents longer than previous generations, and screw up a lot.

As a millennial, I’m here to say not all of us are the same. It’s not fair or accurate to automatically assume that we all the same. There’s millions of millennials and not one of us is exactly like the next. Yes, there’s a large amount of us that are incarcerated, on crack, unemployed, living with our parents still at the age of thirty, or are dead before twenty five. But there’s just as many of us who are doctors, lawyers, politicians, and so much more.

So millennial(noun) a person born in 1984 or after who’s trying to find their place in this world, just like any generation before then.

So, the next time you interview a millennial for a job give them a chance. Don’t be so quick to judge. The next time you meet a millennial, sit down, hold a conversation with them. Contrary to popular belief we do care about the future of this world. So, I challenge you to judge less, be more open minded to change, and do not count us out.

I’m proud to be a millennial. I will not fall victim to society’s opinions about me. ‘I will make my mark on this world. I will be the change I wish to see in the world. I will be successful on my own and so will many of my fellow millennials.

Sincerely a millennial


Author: faiththefreelancer

I am a 23 year old mom of two. I have a four year old and one due in October 2017. I have always had a passion for writing. From poetry to novels to just my opinions on various topics. This is my first blog, but definitely not my last. I will be using this blog to express my thoughts on different topics and situations going on in the world. I welcome all feed back and hope that you enjoy your time here.

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